IN YOUR PRAYERS THIS WEEK:  Walt Lepperd, Michael Gillis, family (to include son, grandson, and friend; Frank, Nickolas Voigt, and Jennifer Loproto) and friends of Ellen Voigt, Wayne Kruer, Michael McPherson, Micah Westphalen, family and friends of Odalis Klepaski, Capt. Zachary (Bo) Henry (Ret.), family of Sam Vinci, family and friends of Frank Deford, Larry Vandivier, Carl Vandivier, Bobby Meck, family and friends of Elaine Wavehime, Linda Mullis, Joe Lamberson, Michael Willard, France Vandivier, Katie Hoffman, Pastor Ray Peters, Family and friends of Will Plagens, Kay Sattelmeier, Dennis Julson, Vernon Julson, Olga Odland, the family of Jean Grafsgaard, Jenie Howard, Jenny Dean, Charles, Braydon, Champ, Amy, Elsie Hamilton, Mary Ellen Jessel, Marcos Diaz, Kaci Doran, Auwina Weed, Sandy Harris, and those you are praying for at home.  If anyone has a special prayer request please submit it in writing in the collection plate; or you may call Pastor Gary Faith at (504-858-8872), or Kris Howard at (305-296-5161).