IN YOUR PRAYERS THIS WEEK:  Meritt Family, Traci (Culiver) Sanders and her family, Schubert family, Gail Valdez, family of Anna Shuler, Sally Cavanaugh, Larry Cavanaugh, Angie Rose, Alhadeff family, Lyla May, Madison Howard, Westin Family, Cressie, Todd Brabandt, Rita Kemp, Beth, Becky, Billy, Mary Payne, Brittany Howard, Skip Nicholas, Jim Prahst, Michael Willard, Micah Westphalen, Joe Mercurio, Walt Lepperd Rachel Hoppe, Dennis Julson, Alga Odland, Sandra Chrisman, Vernon Julson, Beverly Walker, Ann Barber, Al Schubert, Mary Eschels, Max Broadbent, Peggy Mira, Bud Wrocklage, and those you are praying for at home.  If anyone has a special prayer request please submit it in writing in the collection plate; or you may call Pastor Gary Faith at (504-858-8872), or Kris Howard at (305-296-5161).