Welcome to Grace Lutheran Church. 

Join us for worship and Bible class this Sunday!

Service Times

9:00 am       Worship Service            10:30 am     Adult Bible Hour

This Week at a Glance

Today: November 12th

9:00 am           Worship Service with Communion

10:10 am          Jr. Choir Rehearsal

10:15 am          Fellowship

10:30 am          Adult Bible Class / High School Bible Class/Children’s Bible Class

Monday: November 13th

Pastor’s Day Off

Tuesday: November 14th

2:30 pm           Jan’s Mobile Gym

4:15 pm          Book Club (Room 3)

6:00 pm           Weight Watcher’s (Parish Hall)

Wednesday:  November 15th

12:30 pm      Men's Bible Fellowship (Chico's)

5:00pm           Women's Bible Study (Room 3)

Thursday: November 16th

4:15 pm           Missional Communities (Pastor’s Office)

5:45 pm          Hand Bell Choir Rehearsal

6:30 pm          Vocal Choir Rehearsal     

Next Sunday:  November 19th

9:00 am          Worship Service with Communion

10:10 am         Jr. Choir Rehearsal

10:15 am          Fellowship

10:30 am          Adult Bible Class  / High School Bible Class/Children’s Bible Class






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To Help Us Grow

The Bible Readings for Sunday the 12th of November are Deuteronomy 8:1-10, Philippians 4:2-7, and Luke 12:13-21.


Wait for the Lord;

    be strong, and let your heart take courage;
    wait for the Lord!

                                     Psalm 27:14

Greetings in Jesus name to all of the Grace family.  It took a while (waiting) but Irma finally left.   It took a while (waiting) but I think I can say to the best of my knowledge that every one in the Family of Grace made it safely through the storm.  God is good and we are blessed.  Now those of you who stayed are waiting for supplies, water, power, and family and friends to return.  Those of us who evacuated are waiting to be given the ok to return.  It would seem to me, I and maybe you have learned a few things through this experience.  

1.  We are not in charge (That was pretty clear to me)  

2.  In the waiting many prayers were prayed and answered, maybe not as quickly as we wanted but.. see 1 above.  

3.  Many people prayed for you.  They wanted to see your smiling face again.  I know this because you are reading this which means you are still with us.  Be still for a minute and consider the One Who saved us from the storm performed an even bigger rescue to save us eternally.  That of course took place at Calvary.  Hope you understand that Jesus is crazy in love with you.

4.  Absences does indeed make the heart grow fonder.  I am looking forward to the day that we the Family of Grace are reunited.  Meanwhile, we wait.  While we wait let's pray, count our blessings, and then pass those blessings on.  

Love in Jesus, Pastor