The MEN’S BIBLE FELLOWSHIP  meet the first and third Wednesday’s of each month at 12:30pm at Chico’s Restaurant.  All guys are welcome.


Aside from the Resurrection, Jesus' feeding of the five thousand is the only miracle recorded in all four Gospels. Jesus dealt with doubting disciples, fatigue, personal grief and limited resources but on that spring day He chose to feed the masses with the Bread of Life.

Through this 6-lesson DVD Bible Study we will dig deep into Scripture to see a compelling picture of our compassionate Savior who when He is present, the weary find rest and the hungry soul is satisfied.  Come and be fed by the only One who provides for your every need and fills you ... body and soul ... with Overflowing Abundance.

Overflowing Abundance by Donna Pyle is our current Ladies Bible study on Wednesday’s at 4:30 in room 3. 




MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES:  In an effort to increase participation we are moving the Missional Community time to 4:30pm on Thursday. My apologies to anyone this causes an inconvenience.  All are welcome to experience on opportunity to grow in your discipleship.




Red roses, chocolates, fine dining and great fellowship was the fare on Valentine's Day at the Key West Yacht Club.  We celebrated Elsie's 92nd birthday again wishing her God's blessings and many more celebrations with us. The food was delicious as always but service was lacking due to an order mix-up and some did not get their lunches in time. We will meet next time at The Brewery on Caroline St. at 11:30 on February 28th.